The following items are available for rent:

Shepherds Hooks

Shepherds Hooks to be placed at ceremony site

$5 per hook
Draping packages

Sheer draping from beams in lodge

$300/8 drapes
$425/12 drapes
Medium and Small wood slices for use as centerpieces (various sizes)
Hanging jars with lids/candle (20 small, 4 large)
$1/each (small) $2/each (large)
White lace votives (24)
Various signs (Mrs. And Mrs., Cards and Gifts, etc.)
Free to use
Tabletop easels (4)
Small clear glass vases (various sizes) (21)
Free to use
Small black lanterns 4” (6)
Mercury votive candles (100)
$.50 each
12″ Lanterns in Black (13) or White (6)
Many baskets
Free to use
Many Table Numbers
Free to use
Leaf Fairy Lights (5 strings)
$10 to rent all
Green bottles (various sizes)
Fish Bowl vases (16)
Cowboy Cauldron (Outdoor fire)
$100 - for use during event (staff will tend to fire)
Corn Hole boards and bags
$30 to rent
Clear Wine Bottles with lights inside (20)
Blue bottles (15)