What is ThorpeWood’s capacity?
150 people is the max capacity for a seated dinner reception in ThorpeWood’s lodge.

How many events do we hold per day?
Mountain Memories only book ONE event per day.

Is there no additional charge to hold the ceremony at Mountain Memories at ThorpeWood?
Mountain Memories at ThorpeWood’s wedding rental rates include the use of the property for both a ceremony and reception – 8 hour rental the day of your event. The only additional cost would be the rental of ceremony chairs, if needed. The use of the Pine Cathedral ceremony site includes bench seating for up to 130 guests (additional chairs can be added if needed). All chairs are rented through Mountain Memories and are set up and broken down by our staff. Clients cannot provide their own chairs.

Can we use Mountain Memories at ThorpeWood for a ceremony only?
Yes, at a rate of $1,700 for 4 hours in December, January, February and March. We host ceremony only rentals in April, July, August and November for 4 hours on Sunday’s only for a rate of $1,900.

Will there be someone from Mountain Memories staff to assist during our wedding?
Julie Castleman and her staff work with every single couple that gets married at Mountain Memories at ThorpeWood. The staff provides guidance, if needed, during the planning process, meets with you 1 month prior to your wedding to go over timing for the flow of your event and arrival/departure times, and will run your rehearsal and day of coordination—all at no additional charge.

Does the wedding event have to end at a specific time?
Mountain Memories does not restrict the end time of any event, however, we provide an 8 hour rental. Your event can be held any 8 consecutive hours on the day you have contracted. Alcohol must stop one hour prior to the end of your 8 hour rental and music must stop 30 minutes before the end of the 8 hour rental. The last 30 minutes of your 8 hour rental is for guests departure, client cleanup/loading decorations and gifts your car, etc. The clients and guests must vacate the property at the end of the 8 hour rental, unless additional time has been contracted.

Can we extend our event longer than 8 hours?
Yes, at a rate of $500 per hour.

Is there onsite parking?
Yes there is onsite parting to accommodate up to 150 guests. We provide parking staff on your wedding day to direct guests to/from the ceremony site and to the lodge for the reception. We also recommend you hire one of our preferred transportation vendors to pick up your guests for a hotel location, bring them to the ceremony site and then to the Lodge, and then pick-up at the end of the night.

Can we bring any catering company to provide food?
All clients have the choice of two catering companies: Celebrations Catering or Renaissance Chef. Both of these companies offer excellent food choices and professional staff. The catering staff works along side the Mountain Memories staff to ensure your entire event runs smoothly, while providing the best service to you and your guests for your event.

Can we bring or own beer, wine or liquor?
Yes! At our venue clients provide the alcohol and the caterer will provide the certified bartenders to serve the alcohol. We do work with a few local liquor stores that will deliver and pick up any unopened alcohol. Our alcohol vendors will reimburse you for the alcohol that was not opened/chilled. You are not required to these stores, however it allows you to save money along with also not having to worry about dragging alcohol to/from the venue. We do not charge any corkage fees.

Is gratuity an extra charge?
We do not charge extra for gratuity, however, we like our clients to know that Mountain Memories and the catering companies are 2 separate businesses and gratuities are not included in rental fees. If you feel that the service you have received by Mountain Memories was exceptional and worthy of a gratuity, please touch base with Coordinator during your event, or at your final meeting.

Is ThorpeWood handicapped accessible?
Yes, we have both handicapped accessible restrooms, as well as handicapped accessible doors available for anyone with special needs. For weddings, we also provide golf cart assistance, as needed—assisting guests with special needs to a seat at a ceremony and back to a vehicle. There are no elevators in our Lodge. So the golf cart is used throughout the event to help guests as needed to get up and down from the lower level.

Is a sounds system available onsite?
We do not have any type of sounds system onsite. The client is responsible for providing or hiring a DJ/Band to provide.

Are candles allowed to be used at ThorpeWood?
As long as candles are contained and/or have something to catch the wax, you are welcome to use them at ThorpeWood. Taper candles need a hurricane around them in order for the wax to now spill on our wood tables.

When can we access the building to decorate?
If there is not a wedding the day before your wedding you will have 1 hour for decorating and 1 hour your ceremony rehearsal the day before your wedding. Anything not completed during that time you will complete when you arrive on your wedding day. On your wedding day, you have access to the building 2 hours prior to your ceremony (this is when your 8 hour rental begins). If there is a wedding, you would still come for 2 hours, drop off decorations and rehearse. The Mountain Memories at ThorpeWood staff will decorate for you before you arrive. These decorations are discussed at your final meeting. Please see the Rehearsal and Decorating guidelines on the website. https://www.mountainmemoriestw.com/weddings/

What time can my vendors arrive to set up?
Vendor arrival and set up also begins 2 hours prior to your wedding ceremony.

What if it rains on your wedding day?
Mountain Memories provides 2 back up locations in the event of rain: our pavilion or inside the lodge in front of the fireplace. If it does rain on your wedding day, we require a location decision to be made no less than 5 hours before your ceremony. Please note: if the ceremony is in a backup location ceremony chair rental will be needed.

Are there guest accommodations available on ThorpeWood’s property?
We have one cabin available for rent, the Little Pond Cottage. The cottage sleeps up to 4 people. It is available for rent year round and is heated in the winter months. If you stay in the cottage the night before your wedding, we require all hair and make-up be done offsite, as getting ready in the cottage is not permitted. Depending on where your guests are coming from, many stay in and around the Frederick and/or Gettysburg areas. For hotel options refer to our preferred vendor list on our website. https://www.mountainmemoriestw.com/weddings/

Is the ThorpeWood pet friendly?
Yes, as long as you clean up after you pet and they must be on a leash while on the property and in the lodge.