ThorpeWood LLC’s mission continues as a unique mountain destination where individuals and groups can experience growth opportunities through programs, corporate retreats, and private events. Rental fees received by Mountain Memories at ThorpeWood help to support non-profits utilizing ThorpeWood’s grounds and facilities, as well as our Equine Assisted Learning program.

Please note, all paying events take priority of availability during our peak wedding season which is May–November.

Mountain Memories at ThorpeWood also manages all non-profits groups that are utilizing ThorpeWood’s facilities and grounds. You can learn more about ThorpeWood’s mission at:


At ThorpeWood, our Lodge is a green building and was put into service in February 2000. Green in several ways: that many of the finish architectural appointments are from recycled materials; we used innovative insulation; there are dual fuel furnaces; our boiler provides hot-water circulated into a forced air heating system; we use composting toilets with a nutrient recycling graywater system; and water from the roof is directed to wet planting areas. As the U.S. Department of Energy explains, “green buildings promote resource conservation, including energy efficiency renewable energy, and water conservation features.” While green design seeks to minimize environmental impact, it reduces operation and maintenance costs, creates a healthy and comfortable environment, and addresses issues such as historical preservation.

ThorpeWood models stewardship of natural resources. We want everyone to know how to act responsibly with the resources that nature has given us, and we model that, even in the very design and structure of the building that houses our event space and offices.  Our main building and surrounding native landscaping offer examples of sustainable design to instruct and inspire.

Beginning in January of 2020, Mountain Memories at ThorpeWood LLC, and our Landlord company, ThorpeWood LLC, went all green. What does this mean? It means NO non-recyclable products, ALL food is composted, NO plastic dinnerware, utensils, cups, etc. that are neither recyclable or compostable!! We now use all compostable cups, utensils and encourage all clients to use real china, or if not, compostable bamboo products. We are excited to be working with a local composting company and our caterers to make us as green as we can be to help the environment!